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Private massage in Moscow

Massage, as a search for the art of creativeness, for me it is not only a work, it is my freedom, my love, my meditation, my dance, in which I totally engage, like an inspired painter, working on his masterpiece!

Short summary about me: Cheerfulness, clear intuition, open the sincerity and deep love to all, gratitude for any experience in the institute of “Life”, responsibility and courage, humanity and compassion, I never try to change the world, I only change myself as a part of expanding self-understanding; it is obvious that the changes in individual units necessarily lead to chain reaction and everything changes and evolves for the better, but the understanding of this does not come immediately.

I courageously wend my way through life with wisdom: The great is not the one who have never fell, but that one who fell and stood up, because it is the way with its holes and bumps, which makes us happy, and not the objective itself.

 Luxury rest for men in Moscow

Irina is your personal massage therapist.

Each man and woman must have such a place in the world, where he or she could feel the most relaxed, calm and secure. If you are still looking for such a quiet corner, be sure ti visit the elite massage therapist in Moscow – Irina, offering elite massage in Moscow. I will become your personal massage therapist.

Elite rest for men in the club named Dosugmassage – for the unique relaxation and bliss of the body, mind and soul.

Here you will engage in the world of bliss and delight, and the skilled master, offering elite massage for men in Moscow, will guide you. For you I have created my own amazing and relaxing spa-interior with a remarkable atmosphere, allowing you to set yourself up to relaxation and calmness: there are no any side tones, nothing can break your sense of peace and unity.

Excellent service includes the development of individual program, which will meet your challenges: it will improve health, get rid of stress, rejuvenate your body or return the joy of life.

Types of private massage from Irina:

You will be offered an ideal solution among the large number of programs to achieve the best effect. I have a great practice of various massage techniques, among which are the:

  • tantric;
  • lingam;
  • muladhara;
  • karsai nei tsang;
  • urological massage;
  • taoist;
  • ayurvedic;
  • relaxation, relaxing;
  • Egyptian and many others.

The high degree of skills allows me to successfully complement the massage by a various special impact techniques.

The following ones stand out as surprisingly pleasant and effective procedures:

  • steaming in VIP cedar barrel made of a solid piece of cedar wood, hand-made;
  • AROMA-OIL massage;
  • tantric massage;
  • ayurvedic massage;
  • taoist massage;
  • salt scrubbing;
  • Dead Sea clay wrap, which is rich with minerals and salts;
  • creole massage;
  • stone-massage.

Thanks to the combination of these methods, I am able to achieve the maximum relaxation and restore the health and vitality of the customer.

I am a private massage therapist with a great practical experience in my favourite job. I will sincerely share my knowledge with you and help you to restore the harmony of body, mind and spirit in our mundane city.

The Massage Wiki section in the Main Menu contains information on the characteristics and types of massage. My personal page in the SPA menu section contains my original massage programs.

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