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Portal of happiness, rejuvenation and renewal, the awakening of beauty!

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Irina Spa - portal of happiness, rejuvenation and renewal, the awakening of beauty, metamorphoses sunrise!
The unique conditions for rest, relaxation and enjoyment in the SPA interiors: cozy, casual, home-like environment
  • SPA-program : Reboot (mental cleansing of garbage) - feel the renewal and harmony inside
  • SPA-program : Between Heaven and Earth
  • SPA-program : Zero-gravity
  • SPA-program : Cosmic energy: Feel the reboot, zero-gravity, boundless lightness and happiness
Welcome to the sessions of exotic massage types, based on the ancient traditions of the peoples of the world, with the use of the unique techniques as one of the means to recover your body, restore vitality and your psychoemotional state, to achieve the harmony of body and spirit. Visiting an exotic massage session, you will experience the amazing bliss, the influx of vitality and the variety of positive emotions.

VIP club of individual massage

"Dosugspacemassage" is the elite individual SPA massage club in Moscow. Only you and your personal massage therapist, there will be nobody else in the SPA-apartments. "Dosugspacemassage" is a small association of one individual massage therapist; I have no administrators, therefore, you will have a direct communication with the selected master. New Dosug Space Massage - massage of the Beyond Space, massage that returns you to your uniqueness in the Magic of Awareness and Joy to the path of wonderful imagination when the Whole Universe opens in you...

The intense rhythm of life in megapolis often makes us think about the proper rest, somewhere in the distant islands. There, lying on a white sandy beach, in the arms of azure waves you could experience the true bliss and unity with nature. But, honestly, tell me: how often do you relax so fully, giving not only your body but also the mind an opportunity to relax?!

If you want to experience the fascinating power of an exotic spa and to enjoy the pleasant atmosphere, but you are not yet going to have a vacation, then you should definitely visit one of the best VIP massage clubs in Moscow - "Dosugspacemassage", which is represented by Irina SPA, an individual highly skilled massage therapist, having a separate VIP SPA apartments in prestigious areas of Moscow, within a walking distance from a particular metro stations. Dipping yourself in its charming atmosphere, you will certainly discover the wonderful world of scents and relaxing music, and for sure, you will experience and love the art of VIP massage, which is a key to longevity and beauty.

Massage techniques, used by master in the sessions, originated not only in Russia, but also on the distant shores away from us and for many centuries they were developed and improved by real guru - the masters from Southeast Asia. Now you can be the part of this sacrament. This action is sure to delight and captivate you, as the professional massage therapists not just perform their job - they engage in the whole process with dedication, dissolving in this intimate event.

What does the individual VIP massage club in Moscow offer?

Of course, you probably want to ask, what is so special at the my spa club. The first thing that, of course, will impress you is the almost mystical atmosphere, from the very first minute staying in which you will tune for the right wave.

Another distinctive quality of our individual massage VIP club in Moscow is the complete alignment with each client individually. I do not use any universal methods - such approach is applicable for standard spa procedures, which are not provided by our masters.

Here in the "Dosugspacemassage" VIP club everyone will find something he or she was looking for: youth, longevity, ultimate relaxation, restoration of votality. This is just a small fraction of what we want to share. The program will be developed to suit your personal needs, and does not matter whether you will visit a single massage session or you will complete a set of procedures.

I use the elite spa cosmetics for facial and body care at all stages of interaction with my customers. Thanks to their active impact, the massage effect will be achieved much faster and your skin will become incredibly smooth and velvety.

My private, individual club "Dosugspacemassage" also holds topical training workshops. I individual massage therapist am happy to share mine experience and practice on how to perform various types of massage.

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