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Private massage therapist in Moscow

Food for the soul inspires the body

One of the best ways to reboot physically and mentally is to visit a massage session. It will help your body to relax and your mind to free from all unnecessary thoughts. But the maximum effect from the massage can be reached only in the case if it was performed by a true master. Irina is at your services if you are looking for a qualified and experienced massage therapist with magical hands. She provides individual massage sessions for men and women.

Massage Magic from Irina Spa

A good individual massage therapist is not hard to find in Moscow. While an individual massage therapist of a premium class with a high level of service is considered an exclusive. That is why I can offer you something more. After my sessions, you will be able to achieve the desired balance between your mind and body, and during the massage itself, you will feel fully immersed into the world of relaxation. Pleasant and relaxing procedures make you feel reborn. I perform individual massage at home for a variety of clients. The experience and the sensitive hands are important parts of the massage, but also are the ability to understand the spiritual and physiological condition of the particular body. This is the only way to reach the maximum effect. I practice an individual approach to each customer.

Types of massage for men

Individual massage for men in Moscow can be done using a variety of techniques. I practice both European and Oriental massage types. Aroma-massage and Spa-therapy are the important parts of my sessions. This includes my following programs: Heavenly pleasure, Nidra, Male strength, Yin and Yang, and many others. If you have not decided which individual massage services you want, you can rely on my experience and intuition.

The effect of the individual massage

Individual massage in Moscow from Irina Spa will positively influence your physical and spiritual state. Meditation and deep relaxation in a pleasant environment cleanses your body at all levels. Magic of the hands and pleasant aromas will help you to feel reborn.

Order an individual massage

You can order home individual massage in Moscow from Irina right on our website. For this, you need to fill in the appropriate form, leave your contact data. You can also call to the provided phone number. The website also offers the information regarding prices for the individual massage from the particular massage therapist. Payment is made on a ‘post factum’ basis. However, the main reward for Irina is your clean and relaxed mind and body.