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Places of power. Where are they?

Places of power are located in the crystal
lattice of the Earth

There are many mysterious places on Earth, full of riddles and covered with a thick layer of “historical dust”. Who has not heard of the Table Mountain (afric.-Tafelberg) in the Shouth Africa (near Cape Town), about the Mount Shasta (USA, California), Glastonbury in England, the place Carnac in France, mount Kailash (Tibet) or Giza pyramids… Each year these places of power attract hundred thousands of tourists, including pilgrims, people walking along the path of perfection, clairvoyants, channellers, healers, psychic mediums, cosmoenergetics…

Russia is the country containing the most amount of the places of power, here are some of them:

Shardon archipelago in Karelia, mount Belukha, Kulunda Steppe lakes on the Altai territory, Shugo volcano in Krasnodar region, Ai-Petri – the most well-know mountain in Crimea, ancient settlement Arkaim in Chelyabinsk region, Mount Shamanka or the Shaman-rock on the cape Burhan, Olkhon island, Baikal lake, Tyshlar rocks (Crimea), Dervish Tekie (Crimea), Semi-monolithic dolmen on the Pshada river, North Causasus; The Valley of Geysers, Kamchatka.

Moscow: Sparrow hills, Donskoy monastery, The Academy of Sciences, Moscow region: Troitse-Sergiyeva Lavra (Sergiyev Posad).

Saint Petersburg: The chapel of St. Blessed Xenia at the Smolensky Cemetry, “Monrepo” park (Vyborg).

Nizhny Novgorod: Strelka – the place where the two great rivers Volka and Oka merge, Nizhny Novgorod region. Diveevo, Bolshoe Boldino, Svetloyar Lake.

Shardon archipelago in Karelia is approximately 40 uninhabited small size islets of volcanic origin. Rock splits, dissected coastline, skerries, trees are twisted on the spiral by the flows of energy, they are blown down and burned by lightning, there are many flowers and a deafening silence around.

Mount Belukha
This is the highest peak of the Altai Mountains and Siberia, by the peoples of Altai, India, Tibet it is considered a sacred place.

Belukha is located at equal distance from the three oceans. On mount Belukha, one can see the striking variety of geomorphological processes and landforms.
Lake of a stunning beauty is located at the bottom of mount Belukha. It is considered that it appeases and brings together people.

In addition, as it is known, one of the people deeply feeling energies, one of the greatest people of new time, Nicholas Roerich, considered Belukha a very strong place in terms of energy.

Shugo volcano

One of the largest mud volcanoes in the Krasnodar region, close to the Taman peninsula.
Some time ago, tourists were brought to the Shugo volcano in large tourist buses. However, since the vent funnel is not capable of holding such a great crowd on its surface, it was decided to bring tourists to the special mud pool. Therefore, if you are going to visit the Volcano by yourself, you will have the opportunity to enjoy tracking to its funnel without the crowds of people, in meditative privacy. 

The temperature of mud in the central pool of Shugo is always +17 degrees.
Mud in the volcano is oily and rich in useful minerals, fatly acids. It is ideal for cosmetic purposes.

The Altai territory and its Kulunda Steppe lakes

There is a place on Altai where several natural springs with diverse properties are collected next to each other. This is a large bitter-salty Kulunda Steppe lake; two freshwater ponds in the Znamenka village;
Three curative Geothermal hydrosulfuric springs; 11 underground water levels, which serve as water source for a large number of wells with healing drinking water, different in taste and composition.

The composition of the water in the Kulunda Steppe Lake is close to ocean water. So, by swimming in this lake you are getting the real session of thalassotherapy – treatment by swimming in seawater, when the body itself in a natural way takes all the missing mineral, microelements and biologically active substances from the sea.

It is the Kulunda lakes, which sere as a source for curative muds, having a favourable effect on the body. Due to the large size of the Kulunda Steppe Lake even the climate in vicinity is closer to semi-coastal climate.

As is any other Place of Power, thoughts near the Kulunda Steppe Lake materialise very quickly. That is why you need to come to the lake only with the positive intentions.

What is interesting to me is that the Kulunda Steppe lake is shaped as an egg. Moreover, if you view the photo of the lake, taken by a satellite, you can see the silhouette similar to the embryo. Maybe this is the spirit of the lake?


Arkaim is an ancient settlement in the Chelyabinsk region, which was found by archaeologists in the 1980s. Nowadays Arkaim is a museum-reserve, and visitors are attracted here from all over the world.
Judging from the archaeological excavations and research, the city of Arkaim was inhabited by the ancient Aryan – the ancestors of the Slavs and the Hindus.
People lived in Arkaim for about 300 years. The settlement was built on the place of power, which still retains a powerful energy. There are hills, located close to the ruins of Arkaim, each of which has its own distinctive energy. There is even a special order of visiting these mountains:

The upland of confession the name speaks for itself;
gives health;
The upland of love;
Arkaim mountain
place for purification;
The uphill of mind
the energy of appeasement and contemplation;
The mount of Seventh seal
it is considered that this is the best place to practice the opening of the mind’s eye.

Visit of Arkaim is like a return to the roots, to our ancient Russian, Slavonic, Common Slavic culture and knowledge.

The Valley of Geysers, Kamchatka

The name ‘geysers’ takes its origin from the Icelandic word ‘geysa’ that means ‘to gush’ – rare and grand phenomenon of the nature. A person, viewing this event, gets a fantastic visual memory and emotions. Clouds of steam, constant roaring and rain that sparkles and flies away in a form of colorful splashes – you have to see it by your own eyes. The most well known geysers of Kamchatka are located at a distance of 160 kilometres to the north from the city of Petropavlovk-Kamchatsky. About 200 thermal springs are located there, which are spread on the territory of 4 square kilometers. The twenty large geysers having a special nature are also focused here.

Place of power – Shaman-rock

Mount Shamanka or the Shaman-rock on the cape Burhan, Olkhon Island, Baikal Lake. This place of power is one of the most mysterious and beautiful places on Earth. Many fables and unexplained phenomena, confirmed by witnesses, are connected with the various sites of the holy lake. However, perhaps, the most mysterious and strong place is the rock Shamanka or the Shaman-rock.

Shaman-rock consists of white marble, granite, and quartz. Inside this place of power on Baikal is the cave, which is related to the ancient Buryat legend about the Khan of Tengri named Khan Guta Babai. According to legend, came down to earth, Khan Guta Babai took to wife the most beautiful girl of the human tribe and lived with her in his palace, arranged in a cave of rock Shaman . From the union of the leader of gods and earthly woman went kind of great shamans, who spread the sacred knowledge of Tengri worldwide.

According to the inhabitants of the village Huzhir, located near the cape Burhan, for centuries this cave was visited by shamans from different tribes, who inhabited the ancient Siberia. In this cave, pagans performed the rituals associated with the removal of curses and cleaning the ancestral karma. By using the force of the Shaman rock and turning themselves into trance, they gained the opportunity to see the images from the past and from the future. Today, the people involved in their spiritual development, practicing yoga, qigong and other developing systems come to visit the famous Shaman-rock. Those who search for the truth and power use the additional energy of this space to move in their development.

 “Morepos” park

Location: Leningrad region, Vyborg.

“Monrepo” park is a huge territory, where the beautiful nature and magnificent architectural composition of the park and the manor were preserved.

There are three places of power on the territory of the park:
Island of the Dead (Ludwigstein Island) – the rock, resembling a pyramid, with the burial in the of the castle.
Island of Love – the eastern part of the park.
Radon source “Oko” (“Eye”) is a place good for vision, located under the pavilion.

In this photo, you can see the Finnish fort of the beginning of the XX century in the “Monrepo” park.

Demerdzhi mountain

Halo of mysticism and mystery envelops Demerdzhi for ages. Some of the travellers that have visited here, talked about the mysterious visions of strange people and creatures. However, sceptics have blamed it on the quaint mountain cliffs in the fog that can take this or that form. And all the same, many seriously believe that mount Demerdzhi is located at the intersection of energy flows, which is a reason why some especially sensitive people can see the frightening hallucinations. There is a legend among the Crimean esotery scientists, which once caught up in the fog on the slopes of Demerdzhi, you can never return.

White rock

A lonely rock close to Belogorsk immediately draws attention of a traveller. These locations were inhabited even in the high antiquity, as evidenced by large number of bones belonging to ancient animals (here were even the bone of pre-fossil whale) and cave people.


The most well known mountain in Crimea has long been popular among esoteric tourists. Somebody climbs here to meet the sun and to “charge” by its energy, someone prefers meditation under the glittering stars. Mystical atmosphere of the mountain is perfectly complemented by the frequent fogs – the number days the place is covered with a gray fog sometimes reaches up to 200 ones a year.

Bakla – cave city

Cave city Bakla is located two kilometres from the village Skalistoe, and its emergence is dated as 3rd century of our era. Bakla attracts by the atmosphere of calmness and emptiness, like many other places, which once were full of life, but than that life disappeared. 


The secluded place, which is deemed to have several places of power. The Balaklava bay enjoys special attention of esotery scientists – local places are ideal for meditation and many-hour-long thoughts about the lofty matters.

Tyshlar rocks

Menhirs next to the Ilyas-Kaya Mountain are located in the way so that the first sunbeam falls exactly on the stone, located in the very centre of the stone “construction”. Therefore, many believe that these places are magical and filled with power. There is a tradition of leaving various souvenirs after you have visited the Tyshlar rocks. Perhaps as a compensation for the energy provided to people.

Dervish Tekie

The shelters of the followers of Sufism – the mystical school of Islam, which is located in Evpatoria. Sufis never chose just a random places for their meetings – they saw a secret sign or a divine message virtually in everything. In the Tekie those “seeking for God”, as Sufis referred to themselves, shared the secret knowledge and meditated. Tekie also often called the place to “search for spiritual perfection”.

Place of power: Strelka – the place where the two great rivers Volka and Oka merge. Nizhny Novgorod

Samara: area of the Panskaya street, Samara Luka.

Places of power are located in the crystal lattice of the Earth… Since the Earth is constantly evolving and developing – the Crystal Lattice, associated with the Geomagnetic field, moves, it means that places of power do not “live forever” – they either move or “die out, or the new places of power emerge. For example, Stonehenge in England is no longer the place of power, whereas in the ancient times it attracted the wounded and the seek, looking for the cure of their diseases. By the way, originally Stonehenge was the venue of the burial and remained such until about the middle of the third millennium before Christ. On the contrary, Mount Shasta is a relatively new strong Place of Power.

Places of power can be found both on the surface and below the surface of the earth – on the bottom of water reservoirs.

In the places of power you can often come across the various structures and buildings, constructed in different times, – energy hubs. For example, prayer wheels, dolmens, stupas (Buddhist architecture), chapels, national objects of Belomorye, etc.

Semi-monolithic dolmen on the Pshada River, North Causasus

Places of power can be classified by:

  • the strength of the impact on living organisms, energetics;
  • the extent of the impact on the status of living organisms;
  • the area of the place of power;
  • the importance in the energy-information exchange of the Earth;
  • the flow of the Information from Space (for example, Mount Shasta is considered the information “portal”)…

There are places of power that are strictly individual for each person.

A true psychic medium is able to determine a place of power (including those, which are individual for particular persons). Place of power (energy field disturbance) can be located through dowsing (bio location).

The most known places of power on the Earth.

Mountain Arunachala (Thiruvannamalai in Tamil Nadu, India). The Annamalaiyar Temple, a temple of Lord Shiva is located at the base of the hill.

Shaitan lake (Omsk region, Muromtsev district, Okunevo village). The following is observed: space-time distortions, luminescent balls (UFO)… The water from Shaitan lake is considered to have healing properties.

Shardon islands (Karelia) is located in the gulf named Bolshoe Onego. Stunningly beautiful nature, rich animal world, powerful energy.

Kizhi island on the Onega lake in Karelia. Is famous for the Church of the Transfiguration.

There are many amazing places in Karelia, full of mysteries, with a hidden power: Pegrema (sanctuary of the Neolithic period), Anzer island (here the “sea pyramid” was found)… The active search for the “Karelian Hyperborea” is being actively carried.

The mount Meru or Sumeru (“The great Meru”) is the sacred mountain in Buddhism and Hinduism, the center of all the material and spiritual universes.

Image of the mount Meru and the Universe according to the Buddhist cosmology.

Ukok Plateau, Altai

Ukok Plateau (South Altai) is a unique territory with harsh climate; previously inhabited by the Scythian tribes. Here scientists found geoglyphs – drawings on the ground, similar to the pattern in the Nazca desert.

Sviyazhsk (tatar. Zeya) is an island in Tatarstan at the inflow of the Sviyaga river into Volga river. The Troitsk-Sergievsk Monastery in Sviyazhsk is standing since year 1551. The Monastery of the Holy Dormition is located on this island.

Big Zayatsky Island, Solovki. There is the famous “northern labyrinth”, built by unknown people (presumably – ancient Celts).

Valaam: skit on the Stone island where the monks lived in deep austerity (the type of spiritual practices, deliberate restraint).

Tibet. It is these places, which are linked to secret of the legendary Shambhala – the Center of the World. Who doesn’t know the painting of the amazing depth by N.K. Roerich: “The song about Shambala. Tang-la”, 1943.

Tibet is known for its mountains – “symbols of peace”, the sacred places of power.

Mount Kailash (Kailas, Kailasa, Kangrinboqê or Gang Rinpoche, Gangdisê, Gangs Rin-po-che.. so any names) is the ‘Jewel of Snow’, which is deemed to be the Centre of the World, the Axis of the Earth. The exact height of the Kailash Mountain is not known, but the number 6666 meters is mentioned very often, the form of this mountain resembles a pyramid. Kailash is also called the

Swastika Mountain. (Swastika in Buddhism is a symbol of spiritual force)

Mount Kailash, Tibet

Kailash Mountain is one of the most revered places for the followers of the four religions: Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism and Bön (the native Tibet religion). The ritual walk around this place of power is an important ritual of all these religions. However, it is necessary to remember that that unique place has the same unique nature, and may not let anyone finish the ritual walk: the mountain may test your strength by rock falls and downpours.

Snow Mountain Lapchi and Crystal Mountain Tsari are the central places for pilgrimage in Tibet, considered a sacred places.

The list of famous places of power on our planet can be continuedDo not forget about Jerusalem – the center of the 3 religions; Judaism, Christianity, Islam; Varanasi city (India) – the city of Shiva.


The pyramids of Giza, Egypt

Perhaps, this is the most well-known and powerful place of power among the all existing ones; it is considered that its influence extends to the entire planet. In addition to its location, the pyramids are unique in that they are oriented in the cardinal directions. Even scientists do not attempt to challenge the curative power of the Egyptian pyramids.

Machu Picchu, Peru

Machu Picchu is the legendary ancient city of the Inca Empire, known as “the lost city”. This mythical city is considered to be one of the most energetically strong places on our planet; each stone of the ancient ruins in Machu Picchu has absorbed in the centuries of energy and the ancient culture of the indigenous peoples of America. Even today, the city gently stores many historical secrets and mysteries.

Shasta, USA

Mount Shasta is one of the powerful places of power, which for a long time has been attracting those seeking for truth and for the spiritual enlightenment from all over the world. There is a true commune, founded at the base of this place of power. The potentially active volcano Shasta rises like a white jewel. Many pilgrims believe in the legends about the mysterious inhabitants of the mountain, which are called “lemurians” by the local people. It is said that they have immunity to all diseases, possess the sacral knowledge of the mystery of the universe and, of course, the material and spiritual affluence. Mount Shasta gives them all of this.

Arunachala, India

The Mountain Arunachala is the recognized place of power, visited by many pilgrims from all over the world in order to feel the presence of the Divine Energy and renew spiritually and physically. Over the centuries, many saints and sages have been drawn to Arunachala. The locals believe that mount Arunachala is the embodiment of the God Shiva, and that the touch to this sacred mountain and even the simple stay near it, may give the afflicted an endless nirvana – the release from the carnal affliction and the endless cycle of rebirths.

 Stonehenge, Great Britain

The name of the ancient mystery of the history of Stonehenge can be translated as the “hanging” or “dancing stones”. This mega-structure of stone is located on the south-west of England. The place of power earned its name due to the ancient druid legends, who believed that stones of Stonehenge sometimes dance at night and even get down to the river to drink. And the inhabitants of the neighbouring villages assure that at some nights they were able to see the strange ghost-lights above these ancient stones.

Place of power: Table Mountain near Caape Town, South Africa

Place of power – Sedona vortexes

A small town in Arizona located on the southwestern part of the vast Colorado Plateau near the picturesque Oak Creek Canyon. Locals call Sedona a “place with a high concentration of energy”.

Here are located the 26 energy craters or vortexes. They are the hard to explain sources, where energy comes out from the earth, resulting to various changes in the feelings and condition of consciousness as a whole. Here are some of them:

– Cathedral Rock (strengthens the female or in energy)

– Vortex airport (strengthens the yang or male energy)

– Bell Rock (strengthens both male and female energy, leads to their balancing)

– Boynton Canyon (also strengthens both aspects: In and Yang), and others.

Old cypresses with heavily twisted trunks grow around these mysterious places. Twisted trees indicate the energy funnel, which affects the trees from the time of their birth and twists trunks and branches in a clockwise direction. A few meters away from the zone of strong energy, the same types of trees grow straight. When measuring the energy level with a simple pendulum, the range of movement in the vortex zones strengthens incomparably to a normal state.

Practicing meditation in the vortex zones is particularly easy.

The place of power – Ollantaytambo Ruins

Located in the south of Peru in the Andes, at the height of 3000 meters above sea level. In the Valley of the Urubamba river, near the beautiful city of Cusco, according to legends which is called a “Centre of the world”. The word Ollantaytambo itself means ‘Quechua’ in the local language – navel. The complex consists of the several temples, many terraces and the other buildings of hard to explain origin. The weight of the stones ideally combined in these structures reaches up to 180 tons. And this is provided that the no quarries nearby.

There is a version that these mysterious ruins, places of power in Peru, belong to the late subraces of the Lemurians, who possesed the superpowers, which were fully lost by the modern people. Today it is difficult to say how the past civilizations were involved in the creation of this complex, but is really an extraordinary place, as evidenced by the biolocation data and the state of the people, visiting these ruins.

The territory of the complex was affected by changes with the advent of the Inca empire, . New buildings appeared, the layout partially changed, irrigation means were constructed. The later modifications immediately stick out due to the more primitive construction technology.

Currently, Ollantaytambo is an important tourist center and the starting point for the legendary walking route – the Inca Trail, leading to the “Lost city in the clouds” or Machu Picchu. The top is also the place of power and one of the most mysterious places on Earth.

Bodhi Tree

There are many other places of power.

I will not be superfluous to emphasize that the majority of the places of power will be purely individual or personal for each of us. For example, while in a particular location, the vibrations of one person’s fields are beginning to resonate with the vibration field of the place, giving him the burst of energy and improved mood. At the same time, the same place of power can virtually have no effect on the other person or even have a negative influence. However, there are places of power, which are felt by almost anyone.

Places of power and their short classification.

Some geographical locations on the planet have a number of unusual properties. In addition, the properties of these places have a very strong effect on parts of a person: his energy, mind, and physiology. Some of the places of power can make a more deep impact.

It is likely that the name of such geographical locations: “Places of Power” was taken from the books by Carlos Castaneda, and now has become traditional.

From the ancient times it is common to classify the places of power on the ones, related to lower, the demonic worlds, the worlds of afterlife, or the upper worlds – the worlds of bright gods. Now we will explain the phenomenon of the different spin of the fields: left and right torsion. In the tradition of shamanism, the sacral sense was assigned to the both ones, but the zones, in which the channels to the lower worlds” opened, were strongly hidden and tried to block. For this, in particular, they used a variety of installations: mantra stones and flags, stupas, pagodas; superposed spells. On the contrary, in the fields related to the “Upper worlds” various religious buildings were constructed. Centuries passed, churches, pagodas, mosques were built on such places – the essence, and the power of impact of the Place of Power did not change. Human incomprehension and Power are the two things, which can be never joined.

Most important thing for the emergence of a place of power is the presence of the one of the energy centres or channels of the Earth in this geographical location. Our planet is a living organism, like each of us, and is has a system of energy centers and channels, similar to chakras and acupuncture channels on a human body. This is the greatest network of energy channels, changing, developing, and modifying its activity. As a rule, Places of Power appear on the places where these channels pass/come out; often these are the tectonic faullts of the Earth or the powerful underground waters. However, sometimes the emergence of the places of power is influenced by the history of humanity.

Important historical events can form a new place of power or drastically intensify the old one. This may be an important milestones in the formation of the religion, battle, a place of execution or torture, a place of birth and/or existence of a holy person. Such places may be quite new or may overlap with the already known sacral geography. For example, the Jerusalem area, where there the critical events of Christianity happened, was the oldest sacral place. Further, next to this place the teaching of Islam appears, and this is the place where Judaism was born before Christianity… although, it is likely that this unusually active and “bright” Place of Power was the thing that “helped” these events to happen (?).

Thus, a sacred place can be:

  • A special area of the planet, related to the energy centers or channels of the Earth and, at the same time, often having the unique location, terrain and landscape.
  • The place where an important religious or historical events happened.
  • The combination of both.
  • A place of the “transmission of information” from the outer space to the Earth, and from the Earth into space.

Places of power can be classified by:

– the force and the direction of the impact on the living organisms, by its energy (right/left spin);
– the extent and the force of the impact on the state of the living organisms;
– the relevance in the energy-information exchange of the Earth;
– the flow of information from space to the Earth, and from the Earth back to space;

– its meaning for channellers/shamans in the energy-information exchange.

The impact of one or the other place consists of the several components, which together constitute the energy-information state of this location. Each of the so-called places of power has its own special spectrum and has a purely specific impact. It is important to know the cycle and time of its activity, when working on a particular place of power. 

“Positive” places of power:

Places of power, containing excess positive energy, which they can easily give to a person. It may be described as “broad” and “narrow” range of effects on human bodies and minds. A narrow range of energies, which differ by their impact on the physiology of the body, the special features of how it flows/experiences the mental processes, or how it influences the subtle bodies, meridians, chakras – dominates often.

Places of power, activating any energystructure of the body (a chakra or a group of chakras, a meridian) and creating the positive activation of the specific energy-information, mental or physiological function of the body.

Places of power, revealing the resource functions of conscious/unconscious and the energy of a person, revealing or strengthening his creative and psychic powers.

Negative places of power.

Places of Power, the characteristics of which has a destructive or overall negative impact on a person. As a result, a person may acquire a serious disease, or his already existing diseases may grow stronger. In such places of power people may feel melancholy, fear, fatigue.  As a rule, a person may experience various pains (head, heart, gastric cramps), his blood pressure changes.

They are the places of power, staying in which changes the mind and evaluation capabilities of a person, causing him to have an exaggerated sense of his ego, the desire to dominate, belittling the dignities of others, or the desire to kill other people for his own satisfaction. “Outbursts” of negative emotions are possible.

Places of power, in which it is extremely unsafe to stay. Energy of these places is strong and is not compatible with human energy. More or less long stay in such places of power can lead to death.

Finally, it is important to know the time of the maximum, “background”, and minimal activity of a particular place of power. For example, the maximum activity of such place of power as a cave in Jerusalem, in which, according to the legends, the body of the crucified Christ was laid, annually falls on Easter, when the Holy Fire lights in the cave.

Work on the places of power.

You should prepare in advance for each of the journeys to the places of power. You need to examine all the information about it, including legends and stories, feedback of those people who have already visited it. If you have a mentor, a guide on the places of power, you should ask for his blessing regarding this trip. He will be able to give you the specific recommendations on the preparations for the trip.

The presence of a mentor or people, who worked on the particular place of power several times, is useful and even necessary. Everyone should understand that the “simple curiosity” or “experiments” on the places of power are not accepted – this will be a bad idea.

Conditionally we can highlight the following levels of work in the places of power:

Fact-finding (tourist)

This level can be described by the phrase: “I just want it”, that is when a person feels a subconscious desire/need to visit Places of Power. Curiosity can also be treated as the “subconscious desire”. Restoration of vital forces, rest of the soul – this is everything what visitors at this level can count on. But there are no “rules without exceptions”. It is possible that the effect will be much higher than you expected. And even not the one you expected. A Place of Power can give you what you REALLY NEED, and not what you knowingly wish to obtain.


At this level, a person knowingly goes to the Place of Power for self-improvement. He may set out either the specific tasks: to heal the disease, to discover some inner abilities, to change his fate…, or the “abstract” ones: understand himself; find the true purposes of life, to accept what the Life or the Universe gives him…

In this case staying in a particular Place of Power must be accompanied by the group of experienced mentors, who will carefully monitor the processes taking place in the bodies and minds of the people, and will provide the appropriate recommendations, actively work with each member of the group.


At this level the visit to a place of power takes place as an individual event or as a small group in order to perform some spiritual practices. This is the maximum effective way of interaction with the Place of Power, but only very few people are ready for this.

Interpersonal (global) level

This level is for the experienced psychic mediums, space-energists, shamans, who, as a rule, usually work as a group. Here the global tasks to change the elements of history for the large groups of people, to purify the Earth from the negative energies, various kinds of environmental and space- or ecology-related issues are solved.

The most simple and necessary method to work with Places of Power.

During the stay, it is essential to dedicate a sufficient amount of time for the individual communication with the Place of Power. Stay with it face to face. Switch off your mind and listen to the silenceThere is always the answer, but it may not reveal instantly – this can occur some time later. That is, when you will be able and willing to get it.

Nevertheless, regardless the level at which you are travelling to a Place of Power, the main condition is the openness to the world and the willingness to percept the changes.

Integration of the obtained states into your everyday life if the most complex process. In this case the invaluable assistance will be provided by your mentor and your faith in that you deserve your wishes!

Staying in a place of power

Staying in the “good” place of power (with a positive energy) has a beneficial effect on the health of a person, gives strength. People, who have infertility, any heavy disease, specially visit such places in the hope of getting rid of their illnesses.

“Negative” places of power can also have a beneficial influence on some people, “taking away” the negative energy of a person.

As we understand, places of power have a specific impact on the body and the energy-information field of a person. This impact increases the internal resources of a human body.

The following factors can be conditionally highlighted during a positive impact:

– Additional vital energy or bioenergy, causing conditions, which are hard to explain, under which the body begins to rapidly recover and cure.

– Wake up of internal (second sight, prophecy, etc.) and/or external (physical strength, improvement of the work of the organs of perception, etc.) capabilities.

– Activation of the underlying layers of mind, not available in the usual condition, and the significant improvement of the brain operation in general. In this state, a person can get answers to questions, which remained unanswered for a while.

– Assistance in the immersion into the meditative and substantive states, gaining access to new ones, to the new levels of awareness of people themselves and the surrounding world, which were not available earlier.

– Pleasant and comfortable condition, fast removal of stress (including the chronic one), both physcho-emotional and physical one. Quick reboot, attitude for the new wins and achievements.

That is why various developing activities are carries in the places of power: meditation sessions, yoga tours , field classes on yoga and qigong, rehabilitation programs, etc. Like each human has an own special place, especially comfortable for him, granting him an additional energy, providing the status of the internal comfort. Probably a person has discovered such place in his early childhood and now, when thinking about it, he reveals the happy and kind memories, associated with the place, along with the related state. Such places can also be called a “places of force». It is a personal place of power, which has a strong positive impact on the body and the mind of a person, helping in difficult situations. The most interesting is that a gym, yoga center, personal room or other space, where people regularly practice hatha yoga, meditation, qigong, where gather the bright and seeking for a spiritual development people – this is also a place of power, which helps and supports in a difficult moments.

In addition, in the end this article, I would like to point out that despite that our planet has a variety of unusual places, places that can give additional power and to heal a person, the main place of power is located inside ourselves. In our minds. Therefore, wakening our internal force and awareness, we have the opportunity to more deeply interact with the surrounding world and to explore the Inner space, forming it as the main source of the unlimited power and to discover the new places of power on our wonderful planet Earth.