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Individual approach.

Individual energetic massage of a premium class.

Only you and your personal master in the premium class apartments.                                  

It is an exclusive offer, as you will not experience such possibility even in the most expensive spa salons of the largest cities in the world. There will always be somebody else: administrators, other clients, other masters.

An era of the new generation, the time for the honest relaxation. Guarantee the high quality of your rest, the professionalism of private master, and high standards of the service provided. It is time for an honest relaxation, the time to visit “Dosug Massage”!

Only with our private massage therapists you will be able to achieve an ultimate relaxation, switch off your mind and immerse in your inner world.There will be only you and your personal master, no strangers and bystanders in the apartments.

The love to her work. Master dedicates her soul and great love to her work.

The high level of professionalism. Master has a professional education, corresponding to her qualifications. They have a large practical experience of various massage techniques. Massage therapist periodically enhances her skills and participates in the thematic workshops.

The high level of service. VIP rest. Large premium class apartments, fully equipped for VIP services, SPA, massage are at your full disposal. Single use slippers and sheets, fresh towels, large selection of spa cosmetics and oils, as well as hygiene aids for bodycare.